Are You Ludacris?

Are You Ludacris?

That is, have you ever owned an Acura Legend? Ludacris is famous for still owning his, a testament to the classic 1990s sporty luxury sedan/coupe combo, complete with V6 power and a manual transmission. But I wonder, is the car actually all that great to drive and to own?

Certainly nostalgia is a big part of why Luda would keep the Legend around, but I like to think the Legend is still a very good car. If you ordered the right version (the Type II coupe would be my ideal) you could get these with a six-speed manual and 230 horsepower from its 3.2-litre V6, mounted front-to-back.

Was it a rear-wheel-drive car like the longitudinal engine layout suggested? Nope! Front-drive, but that’s not as bad as your average internet commenter would have you believe. I used to own a similar 1990s V6, manual Japanese luxury car (a five-speed ES300) and its no-powersliding problem is nothing a little rallycross can’t fix.

They weren’t the lightest cars, at around 3,500 or 3,600 pounds depending on how you ordered them, but I don’t doubt they were quick.

What I wonder is how they struck the balance between feeling sporty and feeling comfortable. Where did these cars fall between the luxury/sporty dichotomy? Did you ever own one? Was it as durable and reliable as you expected? Let us know, and post a picture and tell us your mileage, too!