Aaron Paul Shares Details On His Westworld Character And His Personal Distrust Of Technology

Aaron Paul Shares Details On His Westworld Character And His Personal Distrust Of Technology

Bring yourself back online. The third season of Westworld is around the corner, taking us out of the parks for a look at how technology has impacted the larger world. Aaron Paul’s Caleb is our gateway to this new season of Westworld, showing us how average folks have become cogs in a much bigger machine. However, the actor said he tries to avoid the tech boom that’s already arrived.

In an interview with the New York Post, Paul described Caleb as “the character that introduces the audience to the outside world.” Introduced in the first episode, he’s a lower-income worker just trying to get by. It’s a major departure from the wealthy elite we’ve seen in previous seasons of Westworld—meaning the folks who could afford entrance to the parks in the first place. It’s not only a look at a new character, but also an entirely different world, one that shows how the “other half” lives in Westworld’s glorified caste society.

“Caleb is a very complex character. He’s a construction worker, a blue-collar guy just trying to survive in this chaotic world. I just love the challenges that he faces,” he said. “This season really takes the audience outside of the park and shows everyone the society that we are all living in.”

Even though Caleb largely follows the same societal rules as everyone else, Paul doesn’t really play that way. When asked whether joining Westworld made him reconsider his relationship with technology, he said no because he’s always been trepidatious. However, this is a guy who practices what he preaches: He doesn’t even own a computer.

“I’ve always felt that way about technology—it’s kind of a blessing and a curse. It informs us but also I think it’s taking away a lot of the joys of living. I pride myself on not owning a computer. I am rarely around my phone. I have thousands of unread emails,” he said. “Someone said this quote to me, like, ‘Birds don’t carry anything; because of that, they’re able to fly.’ I love that. We don’t need much. I think people forget how beautiful this planet is. They get distracted by the things in their hands and in their pockets.”

Westworld returns to Foxtel with season three on Monday.