2021 Ford Bronco: This Is Probably It

2021 Ford Bronco: This Is Probably It

Man, someone better call the internet plumber, because today has been a leaky, leaky day, especially from our pals at Ford. First the 2021 Baby Bronco, and now here we go with the full-size, Big Daddy Bronco, in all its undisguised glory. The leak is from another Bronco forum this, time, appropriately called FullSizeBronco. It looks pretty great, I think. Of course, if this is actually it.

We’ve seen plenty of disguised shots of the Bronco before, and even some details, like the headlight assembly, but this is really the first time we’ve seen everything, in all its naked glory.

It has the old-school Bronco look, with definite visual quotes in a number of places, but nevertheless looks and feels quite modern. It’s also a full soft-top, possibly with doorframes and maybe a rollbar in there as well, which puts it firmly in the Wrangler-fighting ring.

The front grille and light assembly certainly fits in with the light unit we saw earlier, and it looks like the BRONCO badging up front mid-grille may be illuminated as well. It’s hard to tell because of the low photo quality, so it could just be reflective.

The front bumper looks all metal and pretty heavy duty, with cutouts for lights and tow hooks and maybe even mounting points for a winch? I’m guessing on that, but it seems probable.

Now there’s speculation it could be a render—the poor quality of the photo could certainly be helping to sell it if it is—but I’m not entirely sure.

If it is a render, the lights we’ve seen and the overall look and shape appear to be very likely, so if that’s the case, at least I suspect it’s a render that’s likely to be accurate.

We’ll update with more details as we get them!