Why Your Uber Rating Isn’t 5 Stars

Why Your Uber Rating Isn’t 5 Stars

Anyone familiar with Uber will be aware of how important the ratings system is for drivers. With some drivers even straight out demanding you rate them 5 stars.

You definitely hear less about rider ratings, even though most riders are curious about the reasons they are getting marked down.

A few years back it was notoriously difficult to even find your rider rating. These days, you only have to hit the menu button and it’s right there under your name. But this visibility has led some people ” especially those in the Gizmodo office ” to obsessively think about why they can’t claim a 5 star rating despite never having projectile vomited in the back of an Uber after a big night.

So we contacted Uber to find out what regular, non-hectic things drivers might rate passengers down for – the kind of stuff you might not even think about and the main reason you are sitting on 4.78. Here are the top bug bears from drivers and how to avoid them.

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  • Location: Many riders either drop their pin in the wrong spot, request a ride before they’re at their pickup spot or try to get picked up in no-go zones like at bus stops or in no-stopping areas. Take a moment to check you pickup location.
  • Being late: Punctuality matters to your driver’s bottom line. If you are running late, you can let your driver know through the in-app messaging feature.
  • Not saying hi: It’s surprising how many people forget basic pleasantries like saying hello, please, thank you and “˜enjoy the rest of your day’. Taking a moment to greet your driver and ask them how their day is going is one of the best ways to make a good first impression. This can make a big difference to your driver’s experience… and to your rating.
  • Leaving rubbish: It goes without saying that you should take your rubbish with you, but not every rider does. Don’t be a grub.
  • Back seat driving: No one likes a back seat driver, so telling drivers to speed up, change lanes last minute or run a yellow light is a shortcut to a low rating. Bite your tongue for 5 stars.
  • Leave on a positive note: When you’re in a rush, it’s all too easy to jump out of the car, bang the door shut and disappear. But this can come across as rude and can also damage the car. So say your goodbyes, thank your driver, and close the door firmly without slamming it