What’s Up, Danger? Hot Toys’ New Into The Spider-Verse Figure Is Outstanding

What’s Up, Danger? Hot Toys’ New Into The Spider-Verse Figure Is Outstanding
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He knows what’s up. Danger, that’s what’s up.

We might be waiting for for no reason) with this utterly glorious rendition of Miles Morales in its 1:6 line of action figures.

Despite its brilliance, it’s been frustratingly hard to get good merch based on the Oscar-winning animated epic”when the movie first hit Hasbro had kids-focused basic figures, and more recently Medicom opened up preorders for its own (and also fantastic-looking), 6-inch-scaled versions of Miles and Peter from the movie as part of its MAFEX line. But now, the best cinematic take on Spider-Man is getting the collectible he truly deserves.

Clocking in at approximately 11-and-a-half inches tall, Hot ToysInto the Spider-Verse Miles makes up for being late to the party by packing in a frankly insane amount of accessories that really make this the ultimate Spider-Man figure (sorry, not sorry).

As well as exquisitely capturing the spindly, kinetic style of the film’s animation and aesthetic, and including all the Hot Toys usuals”like multiple sets of hands to pose Miles web-slinging, wall-crawling, or ready for a scrap, or in the case of its many, many Spider-Men figures, effects elements like strands of webbing”Miles comes with an absolute ton of extras that make him shine.

The fun kicks off with not one but three alternate heads: there’s his fully masked Spider-Man head, which has four different sets of eye masks of varying expressions for you to emote him with. The other two depict Miles unmasked, not in Hot Toys’ usual uncannily photorealistic style but instead completely faithful to the look of the movie. One unmasked head uncovers Miles entirely, while the second depicts him with his spidey-mask still half on, so you you can post him in his spider-suit, but still see his cheeky smirk.

Those are good options to have, considering Miles also comes with a veritable wardrobe not really seen with many Hot Toys figures. There’s his spider-suit, of course, but there’s also the option to dress him in the jacket, hoodie, shorts, and Jordans he dons for the movie’s incredible “What’s Up, Danger” scene, or for a more casual, normal Miles, wearing the vest and sweats he tags Brooklyn’s underground in with Uncle Aaron.

And even beyond that, there’s a ton of cool little extras”like a packaged version (sadly not wearable) of the Spider-Man costume Miles buys for the funeral of his Earth’s Peter Parker, a spray paint can, and a colourful movie-inspired background to pose the figure with, which you can even tag with some included graffiti stickers!

It does make up for the fact that we’ve had to wait this long to see Hot Toys turn its eyes toward the Spider-Verse. But alas, we’ll have to be waiting even longer for this slice of perfection: Miles is currently expected to release sometime in late 2021. At least we can say he’ll be in time for the sequel?