Updates From The Little Shop Of Horrors Remake, The New Willow, And More

Updates From The Little Shop Of Horrors Remake, The New Willow, And More

Shang-Chi may be casting some super spies. Work’s already begun on Servant’s second season. The 100 spinoff series has been given a slithery subtitle. Plus, what’s to come when The Walking Dead returns, Sue Dearborn arrives on The Flash, and Jason Segel gets inducted into the Elsewhere Society. To me, my spoilers!

Updates From The Little Shop Of Horrors Remake, The New Willow, And More

Matilda the Musical

According to THR, Sony Pictures and Netflix will team for an adaptation of the 2010 Broadway musical based on Roald Dahl’s Matilda. Ralph Fiennes is reportedly in talks to play… Miss Trunchbull.

Little Shop of Horrors

Meanwhile, Full Circle Cinema reports Taron Egerton is up for the role of Seymour Krelborn in the Little Shop of Horrors remake. Entertainment reporter Jeff Sneider also has word Scarlett Johansson has been offered the role of Audrey opposite Billy Porter as the voice of Audrey II.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

A new report from Murphy’s Multiverse alleges Shang-Chi is now casting for the roles of MI-6 agents Leiko Wu, Clive Reston and Black Jack Tarr.

Halloween Kills

The first Halloween Kills test screening reportedly took place in Los Angeles yesterday. [Halloween Daily News]

Sonic the Hedgehog

Various athletes hype Sonic the Hedgehog in a new TV spot.


During a recent interview with Collider, Ron Howard confirmed he is indeed developing a Willow television series for Disney+ with Warwick Davis attached to star.

We are developing ‘Willow’ for Disney+ And I don’t know about directing or not, but Jon Kasdan is writing, he’s very passionate about it, great job. We don’t have a green light yet, but if it goes, I’ll certainly want to roll up my sleeves and be a part of that, because that would be great, to revisit that world. Warwick will be in it. Warwick is so cool and so good and he’s such a good actor that I really hope we get the chance to see the mature Willow in action.

The 100: Anaconda

TV Line reports The 100 prequel spinoff series is officially (if perplexingly) titled Anaconda.


Devs arrives March 5 according to two new posters.


Servant has wrapped the first two episodes of its second season.

The Walking Dead

Alpha loses control while Virgil creeps up on Michonne in two quick teasers for The Walking Dead’s February 23 return episode.

Project Blue Book

Hynek and Quinn investigate the Kelly-Hopkinsville goblins in the synopsis for “Hopkinsville” airing February 11.

A supposed alien invades a rural home in Kentucky, which prompts the CIA to give Hynek and Quinn access to their top-secret program known as MK Ultra, which asserts that the alien attack has the potential to be the beginning of a larger plan.

[Spoiler TV]

Legends of Tomorrow

Ava leads a mission to send Marie Antoinette back to hell in the synopsis for “A Head of Her Time,” the February 19 episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

WHEN THE CAPTAIN’S AWAY – When Sara (Caity Lotz) is called away on business, she leaves Ava (Jes Macallan) in charge and Ava tries to impress the team as they try to take on their latest Encore, Marie Antionette. With Zari (Tala Ashe) still on the ship, Behrad (guest star Shayan Sobhian) convinces the team to bring her along on the mission which they all hope isn’t a mistake. Meanwhile, Constantine (Matt Ryan) finally confronts someone from his past with the help of Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers), which leads him on a journey through his past. Brandon Routh, Dominic Purcell, Nick Zano, Courtney Ford and Olivia Swann also star. Avi Youabian directed the episode written by Morgan Faust (#504).

[Spoiler TV]

The Flash

Ralph Dibny meets Sue Dearborn in the synopsis for “A Girl Named Sue,” the February 19 episode of The Flash.

WHEN RALPH MET SUE – After months of searching for Sue Dearbon (guest star Natalie Dreyfuss), Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) gets a lead on her whereabouts and finally comes face to face with his missing client. However, Sue refuses to return home to her family, and instead, takes Ralph on a daring adventure. Iris (Candice Patton) faces a new challenge while Barry (Grant Gustin) considers a potentially dangerous request from a trusted source. Chris Peppe directed the episode written by Thomas Pound & Lauren Certo (#612).

[Spoiler TV]


The cause of Beth’s headaches is probed is the synopsis for “Take Your Choice,” the February 17 episode of Batwoman.

TWO’S A CROWD – As Kate (Ruby Rose) is pulled between two sisters, Luke (Camrus Johnson) and Mary (Nicole Kang) are tasked with finding the cause behind Beth’s debilitating headaches. A visitor delivers some good news to Jacob (Dougray Scott), while Sophie (Meagan Tandy) takes her new role to the extreme and Alice (Rachel Skarsten) makes a devastating discovery. Tara Miele directed the episode written by Ebony Gilbert.

[Comic Book]


Harry makes a deal with the devil in the synopsis for Charmed’s February 22 episode, “Breaking the Cycle.”

DON’T GO IT ALONE – Harry (Rupert Evans) can’t expel his past so The Charmed Ones (Melonie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock, Sarah Jeffery) rush to his aid but ultimately he makes a deal with the devil. As The Charmed Ones continue their efforts to restore the Power of Three, they find themselves in the gravest circumstance yet. Also starring Poppy Drayton. Joe Gallagher directed the episode written by Blake Taylor (#213).

[Spoiler TV]

Katy Keene

Katy Keene celebrates Valentine’s Day in the synopsis for “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted” airing February 21.

BROKEN HEARTS – With everything a little off between Katy (Lucy Hale) and KO (Zane Holtz), Katy tries to make everything perfect for Valentine’s Day, so she can avoid what she is truly feeling including lying to him about Gloria (Katherine LaNasa) making her work. KO tries to do something nice for the roommates, but only seems to make things worse. Josie (Ashleigh Murray) and Alexander (Lucien Laviscount) have been growing closer, but after she meets another aspiring songwriter, Josie realises it’s time to change up their dynamic.

Jorge (Jonny Beauchamp) has been in a secret romantic relationship, but after he doesn’t show for his performance at Molly’s Crisis, Jorge realises what he needs to do. Meanwhile, Pepper (Julia Chan) turns to an old friend, Ms. Freesia (guest star Bernadette Peters), to help her get some quick cash but isn’t proud of how she is doing it. Camille Hyde also stars. Harry Jierjian directed the episode written by Shauna McGarry (#103).

[Spoiler TV]

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is trapped in an alternate dimension in images from February 6 episode, “Whisper Box.” Head over to KSiteTV for more.

Updates From The Little Shop Of Horrors Remake, The New Willow, And More
Updates From The Little Shop Of Horrors Remake, The New Willow, And More
Updates From The Little Shop Of Horrors Remake, The New Willow, And More


Finally, Supernatural moves to Tuesdays in the trailer for “Galaxy Brain” airing March 17.

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