This Motorola Razr Teardown Video Shows Exactly Why You Shouldn’t Attempt to Fix It Yourself

This Motorola Razr Teardown Video Shows Exactly Why You Shouldn’t Attempt to Fix It Yourself

The launch of Motorola’s foldable Razr is almost upon us, and while the repair costs are already out there and may seem a bit steep, this teardown video should nip any ideas you had about doing them yourself in the bud.

After a few delays, the Motorola Razr is set to release here in the UK on February 18, and while the company has assured prospective customers that “bumps and lumps are normal” in the flexible screen, what with it being designed to bend, you may have ideas about tinkering with it yourself if anything out of the ordinary goes awry.

Well don’t, is the advice from PBKreviews who went through the absolute rigmarole of disassembling the handset and putting it back together again. It looks like a job you do not want to get involved with. You only need to look at the video description, which reads, “This is not an easy repair at all and I would probably even go as far as saying not repairable at all by most people.”

Take a look for yourself:

You’ll need to get such tools as a guitar pick and a credit card, so best to leave it to the professionals, eh?

The device itself will set you back will set you back $2,699 in Australia.

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The cost to repair the screen of the Razr is $US299 ($444) across the board, so it won’t jump up should you need to spring for a second replacement for whatever reason. If we get a comparable conversion rate, that’s around $444. It’s a bit steep, but given that the Note 10+ display repair will set you back $444 that’s just par for the course these days. Our advice? Just be veeeery careful. [PhoneArena]

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