The Return Of The Walking Dead Looks More Like An Ending

The Return Of The Walking Dead Looks More Like An Ending

When last we left some of the biggest characters on The Walking Dead, they were pretty much screwed. It appears not much will have changed when the second half of season 10 picks up this weekend. In fact, things are only getting worse.

AMC has released the opening scene of The Walking Dead’s season nine midseason premiere, titled “Squeeze,” and things pick up right back in Alpha’s trap. If you remember, at the end of “The World Before” last year, the leader of the Whisperers led Carol, Daryl, Aaron, Connie, Kelly, Magna, and Jerry into a deadly trap: a cave that’s housing a lot of killer zombies. How will our heroes survive? Well, as you’re about to see, it does not seem like that’s going to be possible.

Oh, and despite what AMC titled the below video, this isn’t “the opening minutes;” it’s more like the opening 90 seconds.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if, somehow, Alpha’s plan here worked and The Walking Dead just killed all of those characters? That would get people talking, wouldn’t it? Of course, though, that won’t happen. Someone is going to come up with a miraculous plan, because most of these characters have to survive. As does the show.

The Walking Dead returns Monday in the U.S. Stay tuned for news of the Australian release.