The Results From The Latest Lego Ideas Review Are In

The Results From The Latest Lego Ideas Review Are In

Lego has announced the winners from its latest Lego Ideas review, and two entries have been chosen from the 10 submissions.

Your winners are the Medieval Blacksmith that looks like it fell straight out Skyrim, and a somewhat simpler-looking Winnie-the-Pooh diorama. The results were announced during a special livestream event over on the LEGO Ideas Facebook page yesterday, with the two designs being picked from the 10 that were already in the mix, and one that was carried over from the previous review period.

Unfortunately for that last entry – which was this Anatomini project – it didn’t make it through this time around. The two winning designs join the winners from last year: Pirate Bay, Sesame Street and a playable piano. You can check out the 11 entrants over on the Lego site to see who else fell by the wayside.

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