The Polestar Precept Is Built To Rival Tesla

Photo: Polestar

The new Polestar Precept concept packages its advanced safety sensors in a hidden part of the nose, evolving the complicated technological future of the car into something sleek and stunning. I hate to say it, but this is, in fact, a new Tesla Model S rival.

The Polestar Precept, while a striking concept car, is more about technology packaging for the fresh EV brand. It features something they’re calling “SmartZone,” which replaces the traditional air-flow grille of a combustion car with a cleverly packaged suite of two radar sensors and an HD camera. On the roof of the car is another pod featuring LIDAR sensors. The combination of the two sensor suites promises safer advanced driver assistance systems.

The car also features 3D-knitted seating from recycles bottles, flax-based composites for interior surfaces, an evolution of the Google-based HMI infotainment system currently found on the Polestar 2, and cameras and monitors replacing the side and rear-view mirrors.

But I’m going to be honest up front and say I’m disappointed that Polestar doesn’t seem more committed to the Polestar Precept, a striking vision of the future of the car where most of the sensors and gizmos aren’t awkward domes seemingly tacked onto the bumper, and instead are all smartly packaged in the body.

I’m disappointed because Polestar decided to package this concept into a beautiful electric sedan design, with a wheelbase measuring in at nearly 11 feet long, a new twist on the Volvo and Polestar “Thor’s Hammer” headlight and fascia design, and a giant, a boxy rear-end with a massive LED taillight that reminds me of the similarly striking original Audi A7 and Volkswagen XL1. And then they didn’t tell us anything else about the car.

We know it’s electric, we know it’s packed to the brim with technology that will actually probably be on cars in the next couple of years, but we don’t know an approximate battery size, nor do we have a range estimate, power figures, estimated price, and we don’t even know if Polestar is planning on producing this car anytime soon.

It seems strange to push a concept car so close to being production ready and then not commit and hype us up for when it finally comes! Especially when Tesla has claimed it’s not currently developing an update for the Tesla Model S, and this Polestar Precept seems primed to conquer a few of those people looking for a fresh car similar to the Tesla.

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