The iPhone SE 2 Price And Launch Date Have Reportedly Leaked

The iPhone SE 2 Price And Launch Date Have Reportedly Leaked

Rumours of Apple’s budget phone are rife with the latest one suggesting the handset could launch in March.

The iPhone SE 2 is reported to be part of Apple’s upcoming line up of smartphones, although the latest titbits suggested it might not have debuted until 2021 with the iPhone 9 moniker. But it seems that we might see it make its way into our hands a whole year early.

According to Fast Company, sources “near the iPhone supply chain” are apparently spilling the beans about the device’s price and release date, saying that production is ramping up for an expected March launch date, and that the price point it likely to be $US399 which would work out as $594 in straight conversion, but that’s not how Apple’s pricing for different markets works, so it could potentially be somewhat more expensive than that.

The original SE retailed for $549 and to keep the price that low for a follow-up, Apple will need to scale back some of the features, which is what has fuelled the rumours of the return of Touch ID which is expected to make a comeback to the companies’ smartphones. While an SE 2 does seem like it’s in the works, the March 2020 release does seem at odds which everything we’ve heard so far – even the Touch ID is said to be coming in 2021 – the date we’ve been expecting the SE 2/ iPhone 9 to make an appearance.

But with all of the information we’ve received so far being hearsay, a reveal next month isn’t totally out of the question either. You can read our review for the first iPhone SE phone to get an idea of what we might be in for with a follow-up. [TechRadar]

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