This Tesla Cybertruck And Back To The Future Mashup Is Perfect

This Tesla Cybertruck And Back To The Future Mashup Is Perfect

Towards the end of 2019 Tesla unveiled the controversial Cybertruck. Despite its dodgy windows, people have been pretty damn typed about this thing.

In fact, someone has even taken the time to inject into Back to the Future, replacing the classic DeLorean with Elon Musk’s metal monster.

The heroes of this homage are Fort York VFX, who re-imagined Doc Brown first testing the DeLorean. In the 52-second clip, the classic car is replaced by the Tesla Cybertruck.

The video is extremely well done – you can really believe that the cybertruck is the original vehicle in the shots. It also has some nice touches, like the flux capacitor still being visible in the back of the Cybertruck as it races its way to 88 miles per hour.

Elon Musk Hits Traffic Pylon With New Cybertruck After Dinner In Malibu

Billionaire tech icon Elon Musk turned a lot of heads in Malibu, California on Saturday night when he showed up to a swanky restaurant in his new Tesla Cybertruck. But Musk's night on the town included at least one embarrassing hiccup. The founder of Tesla and SpaceX hit a traffic pylon with his shiny new vehicle that some Twitter users joked was roughly the height of a small child.

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Fortunately, the cybertruck in this clip manages to avoid knocking over any traffic pylons.

You can watch it yourself below.