ScoMo Simulator Is Snake But You Dodge The RFS And Put Out Fires With Prayers And Cricket

Thoughts and prayers.

Some hero on the internet has re-skinned Snake to rip the shit out of Scott Morrison.

ScoMo Simulator requires players to put out fires to get the highest approval rating possible. It basically takes all of the anger and vitriol levelled at the prime minister during the months-long bushfire crisis and injects it into a pretty funny browser game.

ScoMo Simulator requires you to take on the form of Hawaii ScoMo as you float around Australia putting out fires with a string of prayer emoji as your tail.

Bonuses occassionally pop up, like cricket and handshakes. The former, if successful, will release a bubble that eliminates all of the fire around it because that’s how sport works.

Be careful, though. You also need to avoid an RFS truck, which is driven by former prime minister Tony Abbott. Running into old mate onion-muncher triggers end game.

But it goes beyond ripping the hell out of Morrison. The page encourages players to donate to the RFS – there is even a dedicated site button that takes you directly to the donation page for the organisation.

Clicking on the ‘About’ button also triggers a pop up that reads “Made by an aussie. Please donate to RFS/WIRES if you can, revenue from these ads are going to these organizations. ScoMo is a joke.”

This article was originally published 21/1/2020.