Saturn Emojis, Ranked By A Planetary Scientist In A Twitter Thread

Image: Apple

Emojis come in all shapes and sizes and each company offers its own take on their interpretation with varying accuracy. In the case of Saturn, a planetary scientist in the U.S. has made a call in a detailed Twitter thread on who has created the most accurate of the ringed planet's emojis.

Dr James O'Donoghue is a planetary scientist at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and has published papers on Saturn's rings, specifically. When it comes to Saturn, you expect him to know what he's talking about.

He took to Twitter to let the world know who wins the Saturn emoji war in terms of accuracy — something you probably didn't know you needed.

At the bottom of the list is Twitter's version of the planet, which is depicted as a cartoon-ish orange and yellow planet with an asymmetrical ring. This one's no good, according to Dr O'Donoghue, and in fact, he considers it "offensive."

Moving on to number five and we have Microsoft's Saturn. Dr O'Donoghue points out it has a lack of detail, the rings aren't wide enough and the colour scheme is disturbing. It essentially goes in the emoji trash too.

Dr O'Donoghue's thorough examination of the Saturn emojis. Image:

Fourth place went to Google because it had a more realistic look, but at the end of the day its tilt was too sharp. Likewise, Facebook's third place entry was considered a noble attempt but was ultimately, too colourful and the rings were too close to the planet.

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Apple's attempt landed it in second place with Dr O'Donoghue lamenting its success in "capturing the golden yellow shades of Saturn's cloud tops." It took out the win for atmosphere but it wasn't enough to score the top position.

That honour went to Whatsapp's creation, which Dr O'Donoghue says he was most impressed with calling it "fantastic", with the most accurate tilt of them all.

"Saturn's tilt & rings being so accurate that it was an easy choice: the rings are Saturn's crown jewels!" Dr O'Donoghue said in a tweet.

So, there you have it — the verdict on who does Saturn justice is in, you can rest easy again.

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