Samsung Teases Galaxy Buds Plus Reveal Happening ‘Soon’

Samsung Teases Galaxy Buds Plus Reveal Happening ‘Soon’

Samsung has confirmed that it will be unveiling its next generation Galaxy Buds at Unpacked – well, practically – after Apple forced its hand.

Apparently not content to wait until Samsung’s Unpacked event next week, Apple shared the iOS App for the Galaxy Buds+ via an App Store Preview. The page is still live and I doubt it’s going anywhere as Samsung has since commented on app, saying that it “will allow iOS users to enjoy an optimized sound experience, on the go.” The spokesperson also added that Samsung is “excited to introduce Galaxy Buds+ soon.” So February 11 it is!

In the run up to its big event, I think Samsung has just stopped giving a toss anymore, going so far as to ‘leak’ official images of its upcoming Galaxy S20. It’s not the first instance of the company ‘accidentally’ releasing images of its own products shortly before their official reveal, and I doubt it’ll be the last.

That wasn’t the only info about the Galaxy Buds+ to make it into the wild. A spec sheet for the earbuds has been shared by Twitter leaker Evan Blass which confirms some of the improvements we’ve already heard about. While we know there’s not going to be a massive leap between the current model and the new ones, we do know that they’ll have increased battery life, and improved sound quality, although Samsung scrapped the idea of introducing Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to its headphones.

Image credit: Evan Blass on Twitter

Looking at the specs, the new earbuds will be the same size, but will be slightly heavier, coming in at 6.3g compared to the original’s 5.6g. The battery life has markedly improved, going from six to 11 hours play time, with three minutes charging resulting in 60 minutes of play time compared to the previous iterations 15 minutes for 100 minutes of play time.

The speakers have been upgraded and Samsung has tossed an extra microphone in there as well, so you can rest easy knowing they’ll deliver on the promise of better quality sound. Obviously, this isn’t official, but Blass has a proven track record when it comes to leaks, so he’s probably in the ballpark, if not right on the nose. We’ll find out more at Unpacked on February 11, so sit tight until then. [CNET]

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