Samsung Is Offering Korean Customers The Galaxy Home Mini As A Free S20 Pre-Order Bonus

Samsung Is Offering Korean Customers The Galaxy Home Mini As A Free S20 Pre-Order Bonus

Samsung’s mini smart speaker is still somewhat of a mystery, officially speaking, with no formal announcement or details on the device being released. But that hasn’t stopped it popping up as a pre-order bonus in Korea.

We first heard about the Galaxy Home Mini last January, and it was actually available in Korea last September as part of a beta program. It popped up again at the Samsung Developer Conference in October but actual specs and details have been scant.

Just yesterday, a number of videos and pictures of the speaker were leaked on Twitter so there’s quite the trove of info out there now, albeit not from an official source. The Galaxy Home Mini didn’t make an appearance at last night’s Unpacked event either, with the focus being placed squarely on the foldable Galaxy Z Flip, the Galaxy S20 series, and the Galaxy Buds+.

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Despite the fact that Samsung hasn’t exactly been forthcoming about the smart speaker, it’s sailed right past that and is already giving the Galaxy Home Mini away to Korean customers as a pre-order bonus for the Galaxy S20 series. Customers ordering online can choose between the Galaxy Home Mini or the Nemonic sticky note printer.

Just last week, Samsung reportedly let slip that the device would be launching in Korea on February 12 for 99,000 won which works out at around $124. The pre-order bonus through some mobile operators is a pair of Galaxy Buds+ worth $299, so it’s not like we’re getting the short end of the stick. Either way, here in the west, we’re still waiting for Samsung to pipe up about its tiny smart speaker. [TizenHelp]

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