Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip Isn’t Coming To Australia Yet

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip Isn’t Coming To Australia Yet

Just like last year, Samsung Unpacked 2020 saw not only one new series launch, but two.

After months of leaks and rumours Samsung’s brand new clamshell foldable, the Galaxy Z Flip, has been revealed. But while the rest of the world this week, Australia has to wait.

In fact, there is no word on when we will actually see the Galaxy Z Flip in Australia. A press release from Samsung Australia has simply said that it will be sometime in “the coming months”.

We also don’t know how much it will cost here, though it does have an RRP of $US1,380 in the U.S. That converts to around $2,055 but expect it to be higher than that once you take fun things like import tax into account.

On the plus side, that is cheaper than the U.S. price for the soon-to-be-release Motorola Razr. This will make the Galaxy Z Flip the cheapest foldable on the market, and we’re hoping it will be the same here in Australia.

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This story isn’t exactly new – the same thing happened with the Galaxy Fold last year. It debuted at Unpacked 2019 and was given an April release date for some markets, but a big question mark hung over Australia. Of course, that’s not how things panned out thanks to the screen issues.

But it certainly seems like Samsung is more confident this time around, with the Z Flip going on sale in South Korea and the U.S. on February 14 – just two days after its unveiling.

And perhaps it has good reason to be. From what we have experienced from the similarly-designed Motorola Razr, clamshells are a good fit for foldables. That being said, not everyone is sold on the Razr’s durability.

But Samsung certainly doesn’t seem to think that the Z Flip will have issues. Unlike the Fold and other foldables in market, the Z Flip boasts a new ultra-thin flexible glass. It will be interesting to see how it goes in real world conditions.

Samsung has also taken advantage of the new foldable form factor by offering a Flex Mode, which let’s you use apps like YouTube in a new way that is reminiscent of a laptop. For example, you can watch a video on the top half of the screen while typing on the bottom half. This kind of functionality seems like it would be useful for things like watching Twitch and TikTok, browsing social and also for regular online multi-tasking. At least in theory.

When it comes to the specs we’re first looking at Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor. Unless we hear otherwise, it looks like we won’t get saddled with an Exynos processor for the Z Flip, much like the Fold. Fingers crossed! Elsewhere under the hood you’ll find 8GB RAM, 256GB storage (no expandable option, sorry) and a 3,200Mah battery.


As for the display it comes in at 6.7-inches unfolded and has a baby 1.1-inch mini display on the outside of the device so you can check notifications, answer calls and even set up your selfies – which it does through the first hole punch camera ever to grace a foldable. The Hole lives on.

It is also said to be able to withstand 200,000 bends. We won’t be testing that personally but we’re hoping its true.

Here’s a full list of the key specs:

  • Inner Display: 6.7-inch FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED Display(21.9:9) Infinity Flex Display 2636 x 1080 425ppi
  • Outer Display: 1.1-inch Super AMOLED Display 300 x 112 303ppi
  • OS: Android 10
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 256GB (no expanded memory option)
  • Camera: Dual rear 12MP Ultra Wide F2.2 and 12MP Wide-angle Camera F1.8 lenses. 10MP Selfie F2.4 camera.
  • Battery: 3,200mAH with fast charging and wireless charging
  • Connectivity: 4G and Wi-Fi
  • SIM: SIM or eSIM
  • Dimensions: 73.6 x 87.4 x 17.3mm (Hinge) ” 15.4mm (Sagging) for folded and 73.6 x 167.3 x 7.2mm ” 6.9mm (Screen) for folded, 183 g
  • Colours: mirror purple, mirroe black and mirror gold

While the battery sounds like a bit of a worry, its actually bigger than the 2,510mAH Razr battery which a local rep confirmed to us would not last power users an entire day. Let’s hope the Z Flip does better than that.

While us Aussies won’t get to touch it anytime soon, keep your eyes peeled for the U.S. teams first look and review real soon. We’ll let you know as soon as we have any local info.