Samsung Galaxy S20 Deals: Get $250 Off At Woolworths Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S20 Deals: Get $250 Off At Woolworths Mobile
Image: Samsung
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The Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra are set for release on March 6, with pre-orders now live. If you’re looking for the best price, Woolworths Mobile has a solid deal ” they’re offering $250 off the entire Samsung S20 range with a new mobile plan. This makes them the cheapest way to get any S20 device through a plan right now!

New and existing customers can take advantage of this deal, with the minor caveat that they will need to sign up to a Woolworths Mobile phone plan during the pre-order period. Those who sign up will receive 10 per cent off a grocery shop once a month while their plan is ongoing, as well as a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds+, worth $299 when pre-ordering the S20+ and S20 Ultra 5G handset. (The Galaxy Buds+ offer is applicable to all pre-orders of the S20+ and S20 Ultra 5G and is not exclusive to Woolworths Mobile.)

It’s important to note that while the S20 range contains 5G capable mobile devices, Woolworths Mobile does not currently offer a 5G network to take advantage of these speeds.

Check out the deals on offer below. If the widgets appear blank or load slowly, refresh the page, and feel free to check back in at another time.

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S20 (128GB) 24 months

S20 (128GB) 36 months

S20 5G (128GB) 24 months

S20 5G (128GB) 36 months

S20+ (128GB) 24 months

S20+ (128GB) 36 months

S20+ 5G (128GB) 24 months

S20+ 5G (128GB) 36 months

S20+ 5G (512GB) 24 months

S20+ 5G (512GB) 36 months

S20 Ultra 5G (128GB) 24 months

S20 Ultra 5G (128GB) 36 months

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