Stable Genius Trump Congratulates Wrong U.S. State After Chiefs Win Super Bowl

Stable Genius Trump Congratulates Wrong U.S. State After Chiefs Win Super Bowl

Donald Trump, the dumbest president in modern American history, congratulated the Kansas City Chiefs last night after they beat the San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl, tweeting, “You represented the Great State of Kansas and, in fact, the entire USA, so very well.”

The only problem? The Kansas City Chiefs are from Missouri.

Trump, a man whose brain is clearly broken, deleted the tweet and replaced it with a new tweet that identified the correct state, “the Great State of Missouri.” Trump frequently deletes tweets in order to fix spelling errors and sometimes when he gets basic facts wrong.

Screenshot: Twitter

Trump, who is currently going through an impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate over his corrupt dealings in Ukraine, has previously mocked Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden for not knowing where he’s campaigning on any given day.

“They have him all freaked out because he makes a mistake every time he speaks,” Trump said back in November, mocking Biden.

“I can just see these handlers because they’re handlers like they use on horses. ‘Alright, get him off now, he’s been up there long enough!’ So they’re screaming, ‘Get off! Get off! Sleepy Joe, get off the stage! Please! Please, Joe, you’re doing fine. Joe, you’re doing fine. You’re doing fine.’”

“Then he goes, ‘I love being in Ohio.’ But he was in Iowa yesterday. And they say, ‘Damn it, he should have left sooner. We told him. Get off the stage, Sleepy Joe. Sleepy Joe, get off the damn stage,’” Trump said.

Yes, there is a Kansas City, Kansas. And sometimes people confuse the difference between Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas. But if you’re going to make fun of other people for not knowing basic geography, you should be prepared to get that turned back on you.

People on Twitter were quick to mock the president for his geographical confusion, often adding a black sharpie line to make Kansas City, Missouri part of Kansas.

The joke is a call back to the time in September 2019 that President Trump drew on an official National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) map to alter the projected course of a hurricane to make it look like it was threatening Alabama. Trump has previously tweeted that Hurricane Dorian was likely to hit Alabama, something that wasn’t true at all.

Photo: AP

Newly released emails even show that people behind the scenes at NOAA were terrified of the way that Trump was politicising science to fit his agenda. But there is nothing that Trump won’t do to corrupt basic facts to serve his quest for more power.

And with his impeachment acquittal just around the corner, it’s going to get so much worse from here on out.