Samsung Just Advertised Its New Foldable During The Oscars

Samsung Just Advertised Its New Foldable During The Oscars

For the second year in a row an ad for a Samsung Galaxy phone has gone live mere days before its launch.

This time around it happened during the Oscars and it was for its latest foldable, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

While last year Norway aired a TV commercial for the Galaxy S10 by accident, this time around it feels like it was absolutely on purpose.

The ad for Samsung’s latest foldable, the Z Flip, went live during this year’s Academy Awards. We’re pretty sure that with an audience that size Samsung probably knew what it was doing, especially since the device itself has already been leaked quite substantially.

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The Verge’s Nilay Patel managed to capture the TV spot in full, and was kind enough to publish it to Twitter.

The ad itself is largely stylised and we don’t see much more than what was revealed in a leaked video last week. The only feature it really shows off is app continuity between the small preview screen on the outside of the device, and the foldable display. In this case, it shows an incoming call in the preview window and when the phone is flipped open it converts to a video call.

We’ll know about the Galaxy Z Flip once it launches in San Francisco on February 12, alongside the Galaxy S20. The live stream kicks off at 6:00am AEDT and you can find out more details here.

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