A Wild Microsoft Surface Duo Appears

A Wild Microsoft Surface Duo Appears
Image: YouTube/Israel Rodriguez

While it was announced back in October 2019, Microsoft’s Surface Duo has made its first public appearance after a video was posted of someone using the device on public transport.

Microsoft’s surprise announcement back in October unveiled the Surface Duo ” a dual-screen mobile device it described as “a perfect balance of productivity and mobility.” It comes with two screens, it can make phone calls and looks very phone-like but Microsoft’s careful to avoid labeling it anything as such.

We had a good idea of what it would look like thanks to a crisp promotional video but now, a real-life one has been spotted in the world. A video uploaded by user Israel Rodriguez shows another person using the device in a number of interesting ways.

In the video, the alleged Surface Duo is used horizontally across two screens and then rotated to use in a vertical position too. The user then folds the device, like a book, with the screens facing outwards to play a mobile game as well as send some emails. Unfolded, the device is quite large and definitely requires two hands but folded, it becomes a far more manageable tablet size.

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By the end of the sneaky video, the device user gives the casing a touch, suggesting it’s got a nice tactile feel we’re pretty keen to try for ourselves.

It was announced to come with two 5.6-inch screens and it’s allegedly fitted with a Snapdragon 855, according to a Wired report. Other than that, we don’t know much beyond what it’s going to look like.

The Surface Duo is due out in “Holiday 2020” by Microsoft’s own admission but what real-world date that’ll line up with in Australia remains unknown. For now, watch the unknown man fumble with this definitely not a phone device.

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