Leave Environmental Consciousness To The Plebs With 31.6 Litres Of AMG

Leave Environmental Consciousness To The Plebs With 31.6 Litres Of AMG

Get your comically oversized checkbooks ready because AMG is here with 3,277 horsepower split between seven engines and two vehicles. That’s 56 cylinders, displacing just under 32 litres.

Six of those engines go on AMG’s latest collaboration with Cigarette Racing, the 59’ Tirranna AMG Edition. The performance yacht is made with liberal use of carbon fibre and features a nano-coated instrument panel with titanium fasteners.

But you need to haul that boat around, and for that, you’ll need the matching Mercedes-AMG G63. Just kidding, this boat is way too big for that. The weight of just the six outboard engines accounts for 2/3rds of the G63’s towing capacity.

Leave Environmental Consciousness To The Plebs With 31.6 Litres Of AMGPhoto: Daimler

This is the 12th special edition boat from the “strategic collaboration” between Cigarette Racing and AMG, adding another boat and car to the fleet of enormously wealthy people who have so many cars and boats that they’ve already forgotten they own 11 other AMG Edition boats.

Between the Cigarette Racing designed boat and the Mercury outboard engines, I’m not sure what about this is AMG except for the sticker on the side. Pointless cash-grab? Possibly.

If you’re curious, for some reason, fuel mileage on the boat is about half a mile per gallon at 80 mph (129 km/h), which is about as fast as it will go. The G-Wagen comes with 22-inch wheels with gold accents and a golden designed AMG pattern on the side so that everyone knows you’re not just some regular, average rich person. You are a special-edition, gold-accented rich person.

No word on cost, but the boat will hold 25 people. The G63 will only hold five, but if you buy five of the SUVs, you can probably arrange them in pairs with one in the front like reindeer in front of Santa’s sleigh. That’ll give you 14,500kg of towing capacity, which may be enough to tow the 4.3 metre wide boat. This is really the only way to differentiate yourself from all the other special-edition gold-accented people who only bought one G-Wagen with their boat.