If The New Star Wars Trilogy Had B-Wings, They’d Look Like This

The Resistance owes a lot to the old Rebel Alliance, and uses a lot of their same ships. But not all of them have appeared on screen, which causes intrepid Star Wars fans to ask: where’s the B-Wing?

And, of course, intrepid content creators are here to answer. EC Henry (whose videos I like) has a lot of fun mocking up designs for Star Wars vehicles that aren’t in the films, and this B-Wing is especially good, iterating on the little hints given in the official canon and adding in speculation about the bomber’s history, its role, and even how the politics of the New Republic might have shaped it.

What he comes up with is a powerful, neat-looking bomber that absolutely wouldn’t look out of place on the big screen. Now to pit it against a Star Destroyer.

This article was originally published 11/2/19.