Here’s Our First Look At Lego’s Minion Sets

Here’s Our First Look At Lego’s Minion Sets

Last year Lego announced that it was going to kick off a Minions theme, to tie into the Despicable Me/Minions franchise that’s proven to be a delight to both children and Facebook parents who don’t know what memes are. It’s been a while since that announcement, and today Lego’s released our first look at the sets that are on their way.

The sets are set to be released on on April 27, to tie into the release of Minions: The Rise of Gru, and means I have my Father’s Day present sorted. But still five sets have been announced, featuring specially sculpted pieces to create the Minions, alongside other things we assume will be in the film.

Minions in Gru’s Lab ” $29.99

Ready to get inventive with the LEGO Minions in Gru’s Lab set? The Minions have helped to transform Gru’s basement into a laboratory. Now they’re preparing to have some fun. Watch them create mischief as they slide into the bananas and test out a vehicle on the ramp. See if they can make a vehicle crash into the fence!

Unstoppable Bike Chase – $29.99

The chase is on! Help Gru and the Minions protect the zodiac stone from the villains who want it back. They’ll need to be speedy to outwit the evildoers. Luckily there’s a banana to throw as they ride along. Gru’s taking control of the LEGO Minions Unstoppable Bike Chase, with Bob helping up front. Meanwhile, Stuart’s enjoying a thrilling ride as he’s dragged along on the rocket skates.

Minion Pilot in Training – $44.99

Take to the skies with LEGO Minions Bob and Stuart. They’re on a mission to save Gru and are piloting a plane for the daring rescue. Stuart is the pilot and Bob is a flight attendant in the passenger cabin, so it’s sure to be a bumpy ride. Watch out ” an accident-prone Minion might fall into the toilet. And don’t forget to find the fart blaster for extra fun!

Minions Kung Fu Battle – $59.99

Join the Minions for kung fu training and celebrations at the LEGO Minions Kung Fu Battle. First the Minions practice kung fu moves using the weapon rack and rotating wooden dummy. Then they can parade with the Chinese dragon before admiring the pretend “˜fireworks’ stud shooters that fire from the top of the temple. Watch out for the dramatic reveal as Otto appears out of the temple.

Brick-Built Minions and Their Lair – $69.99

Want to step inside the unpredictable world of the Minions? Well, now you can! Build your favorite Minion then turn it around to reveal their room. Check out the figure version of each character. Put them inside the room to explore the mischievous personality of each Minion. Create inventions with Kevin in the lab or pop Stuart in his bedroom. Then rebuild Kevin into Bob with his kung fu playset.

This one also has a secret compartment inside the Minions, as shown off on Lego’s Twitter feed:

They are obviously very kid-oriented sets, but then again Minions is a kids’ franchise. No matter how many middle-aged people on Facebook share quotes featuring a Minion picture. Still, if you need a present for relatives, young or old, that makes them a useful theme for Lego to have.

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