Genre Films Swept The Razzies Nominations, For Better Or Worse

Genre Films Swept The Razzies Nominations, For Better Or Worse

As we prepare for the Oscars tonight, we know that genre films could win big, with Joker having a real chance of taking home a healthy amount of awards tonight. But even if genre doesn’t sweep the Oscars tonight, horror, scifi, and superhero films are almost certain to sweep the Razzies.

The Razzies, the awards show for bad movies, doesn’t always make the right choices. It gave awards to The Shining, after all, which certainly is a choice that hasn’t aged well. But they are a good smell test for what movies people thought were bad in any given year. And this year, the clear frontrunners in terms of failure are Hellboy, The Haunting of Sharon Tate, and Cats.

So much Cats, in fact: the film dominates the nominations, with worst picture, two worst support actress nominations, a worst supporting actor for James Corden, worst screenplay, and a worst director for Tom Hooper. Hellboy, too, did “well”, with David Harbour getting a worst actor headshake for his turn as the demonic hero, as well as nominations for worst director and screenplay. The Haunting of Sharon Tate, too, which turns Sharon Tate’s late life into a weird psychic horror story??? Getting worst actress for Hilary Duff and a worst screenplay nomination.

You can see the full list of nominees here, which also includes a Worst Supporting Actress nomination for Jessica Chastain’s not-entirely-frightening Phoenix in Dark Phoenix and a Worst Supporting Actor nomination for Bruce Willis’s role in Glass, which is maybe a little harsh.

No word quite yet on when the final awards ceremony will be held, but, well, maybe someone from Cats should consider attending. They might want to bring a bag for the trophies.