Every Jetstar Flight Cancelled Due To The Strikes

Every Jetstar Flight Cancelled Due To The Strikes
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Jetstar has announced another spate of flight cancellations for this Wednesday in response to a workers strike. Here are all the Jetstar flights that will be disrupted.

On Wednesday, February 19, Jetstar will be cancelling 48 scheduled flights due to a 24-hour ground workers strike covering baggage handler workers and plane technicians.

The Transport Workers Union (TWU), the union behind the strike, alleges Jetstar workers are the lowest paid in the airport and it’s only going to get worse.

“All new employees will be paid the current minimum Award rates, making Jetstar workers the lowest paid at the airport,” a TWU flyer reads. “In June 2020, Award rates will likely go up, meaning Jetstar employees would be paid below the minimum Award.”

Jetstar responded on February 14 by arguing it’s offered a three per cent pay increase and a year’s backpay.

“The TWU’s decision to disrupt air travel at a time when local tourism and the economy is hurting is unforgivable. It’s another example of how out of touch this union is,” Jetstar CEO Gareth Evans said in a response.

“We have put a package to the TWU and our people that includes a three per cent annual pay increase and a year’s worth of backpay for each employee as well as a range of other benefits related to rosters. The deal delivers annual wage increases well above private sector wage growth and more than what most companies are offering. It also ensures we can keep offering the low fares our customers expect.

“The union keeps ignoring the fact that no part of Jetstar or the Qantas Group will do a wage deal more than three per cent.”

For customers affected by the strikes, Jetstar is offering refunds or alternative flights before 27 February. If it’s not your home airport, you’ll also be offered “accommodation and meals to a specified value.”

“We have developed a contingency plan that protects our customers’ travel, with most customers on impacted flights set to travel within a few hours of their original departure time and all customers getting to their destinations same day,” a Jetstar spokesperson told Gizmodo Australia.

“To achieve this, we have consolidated some services and moved other customers to Qantas flights where necessary. We contacted affected customers over the weekend to advise them of their new flight details and we thank them for their flexibility.”

Full list of cancelled Jetstar flights

  • JQ500 Melbourne to Sydney
  • JQ502 Melbourne to Sydney
  • JQ516 Melbourne to Sydney
  • JQ522 Melbourne to Sydney
  • JQ518 Melbourne to Sydney
  • JQ524 Melbourne to Sydney
  • JQ507 Sydney to Melbourne
  • JQ515 Sydney to Melbourne
  • JQ517 Sydney to Melbourne
  • JQ519 Sydney to Melbourne
  • JQ523 Sydney to Melbourne
  • JQ527 Sydney to Melbourne
  • JQ810 Sydney to Brisbane
  • JQ824 Sydney to Brisbane
  • JQ812 Sydney to Brisbane
  • JQ811 Brisbane to Sydney
  • JQ813 Brisbane to Sydney
  • JQ821 Brisbane to Sydney
  • JQ560 Melbourne to Brisbane
  • JQ566 Melbourne to Brisbane
  • JQ570 Melbourne to Brisbane
  • JQ563 Brisbane to Melbourne
  • JQ569 Brisbane to Melbourne
  • JQ567 Brisbane to Melbourne
  • JQ408 Sydney to Gold Coast
  • JQ406 Sydney to Gold Coast
  • JQ411 Gold Coast to Sydney
  • JQ409 Gold Coast to Sydney
  • JQ762 Sydney to Adelaide
  • JQ768 Sydney to Adelaide
  • JQ763 Adelaide to Sydney
  • JQ769 Adelaide to Sydney
  • JQ772 Melbourne to Adelaide
  • JQ776 Melbourne to Adelaide
  • JQ777 Adelaide to Melbourne
  • JQ773 Adelaide to Melbourne
  • JQ954 Sydney to Cairns
  • JQ946 Sydney to Cairns
  • JQ953 Cairns to Sydney
  • JQ949 Cairns to Sydney
  • JQ610 Avalon to Sydney
  • JQ609 Sydney to Avalon
  • JQ632 Avalon to Adelaide
  • JQ633 Adelaide to Avalon
  • JQ703 Melbourne to Hobart
  • JQ707 Melbourne to Hobart
  • JQ702 Hobart to Melbourne
  • JQ708 Hobart to Melbourne

You can keep an eye on alerts regarding flights by following Jetstar’s travel alerts page or email and SMS alerts.