Here's Some Hot Unlimited Contract-Free NBN Plans

best unlimited contract free nbn plans australia

Plenty of telcos would love to lock you down with a contract and get you hooked for the long term. But why would you give as much as two years of your life to an NBN provider? Evening speeds could get worse. You could find a better plan. You could abandon modern life for a cute off-the-grid commune.

Fortunately, there’s a whole host of excellent contract-free NBN plans where you can bail whenever, for whatever reason. As such, we’re going to look at some of the cheapest contract-free unlimited NBN plans around.

Most ISPs will offer to sell you a modem, but some force you to buy a model they range when you’re signing up to a new plan. For the sake of simplicity, we’ve only comparing NBN plans where a modem purchase is optional, and you won’t be hit with any setup or early exit fees.

Australia's Fastest NBN Providers According To ACCC

The ACCC has dropped its latest quarterly report on real-world NBN speeds and Optus has managed to hang on to the title of top-dog NBN provider after it dethroned TPG last time around.

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Best unlimited NBN 50 plans with no-contract

One of the cheapest no-contract NBN 50 plans around comes from Tangerine, mostly thanks to a promotional discount that saves you $10 per month for your first six months. This means you’ll nab an unlimited NBN 50 plan for $59.90 per month to start with, which rises to $69.90 per month when your discount runs out. However, since the plan is contract-free, you can leave at any time. Better yet, Tangerine also has a 14-day risk-free trial.

When you exclude promotional discounts, SpinTel comes out best, priced at $64.95 per month. Your money will get you an unlimited data NBN 50 plan with typical evening speeds of 40Mbps.

Alternatively, Kogan has a $71.90 per month plan with typical evening speeds of 45Mbps, which are some of the highest evening speeds reported by any provider for an NBN 50 plan.

Best unlimited NBN 50 plans with no-contract

Tangerine is once again one of the cheapest providers around when it comes to NBN 100 plans: $74.90 per month gets you an unlimited data NBN 100 plan. After your first six months are up, you’ll pay $89.90 per month. That’s a $15 month discount, which is a bit more generous than most NBN offers we see.

Kogan Internet has its own discount going right now: you’ll pay $78.90 per month for your first six months, and $88.90 per month thereafter.

If you’d rather avoid plans that get more expensive after your first six months, you might want to consider MATE. Mate sells unlimited NBN 100 plans for $79 per month, and will cut a further $10 from your total bill if you bundle in one of its Telstra-powered mobile plans.

Premium providers like Aussie Broadband and Superloop normally charge close to $100 per month for an NBN 100 plan. However, both providers now sell cheaper NBN 100 / 20 plans. A standard NBN 100 plan – or an NBN 100 / 40 plan – has upload speeds of 40Mbps. NBN 100 / 20 plans halve this to 20Mbps.

If you’re okay with slower upload, you’ll effectively get a $10 per month discount on your plan. Aussie Broadband’s NBN 100 / 20 plan sells for $89 per month, while Superloop’s goes for $89.95 per month. The pair report some of the fastest evening speeds around, clocking in at 86Mbps and 90Mbps, respectively.

MyRepublic Removes Questionable NBN Speed Claims From Its Website

Every quarter the ACCC releases a real-world NBN speed report that measures the average evening speeds offered by Australian telcos. Being at the top is a coveted position and one that NBN providers can use to entice customers to sign up to their plans.

MyRepublic did this when it topped the chart in the August 2019 report. This wouldn't be a problem if it was still accurate. Six months later MyRepublic has dropped to 7th position, but its advertising has not reflected that.

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