Apple Watch Is Getting In-App Purchases

Apple Watch Is Getting In-App Purchases
Image: Gizmodo Australia

On Thursday Apple released the brand new developer beta for WatchOS 6.2. One of the biggest changes the update brings is in-app purchases for the Apple Watch.

The WatchOS App Store was first announced alongside the slew of new iPhones in 2019. It was delivered as part of WatchOS 6 and allows users to buy and download apps directly through their Apple Watch, rather than using their iPhone.

The new 6.2 update now allows developers to build apps that take this one step further with in-app purchases. Apple Watch users in the near future will be able to pay for subscriptions, premium content and other types of downloads direct from their WatchOS apps.

There’s currently no word on when WatchOS 6.2 will drop for the general public.

To be fair, I’m an Apple Watch nut and I’ve never directly downloaded an app directly from it. But I’m sure this is probably handy for some people.


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