Xiaomi Has Demoed One of Its Smartphones That Has A Whopping 144Hz Refresh Rate

Xiaomi has showcased one of its existing Redmi K30 5G smartphone running at a blistering 144Hz refresh rate.

144Hz is usually the purview of gaming monitors, and while we’ve seen smartphone manufacturers up the ante with their display refresh rates of 120Hz, this is the first time we’ve seen 144Hz on a phone. Xiaomi VP, Lu Weibing, posted a video of a laboratory test of the Redmi K30 5G running at 144Hz, but didn’t elaborate on whether the company would be rolling out an update to the handset – which is already out in the wild – or whether this was just a bit of showing off.

Currently, you can find 120Hz displays on the Asus ROG Phone 2, Razer Phone 2, the upcoming OnePlus 8 series, and possibly the Samsung Galaxy S20. Obviously, the higher refresh rates will be a bigger drain on the battery so there’s that to consider.

As it is, it’s unlikely that we’ll see 144Hz on Xiaomi’s next smartphone – the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro – with leaked specs suggesting that both models will sport 90Hz displays. Additionally, the difference between 144Hz and 120Hz is arguably small enough to be negligible, but the Chinese manufacturer has always been keen to show off its developing tech on social media – like the first under-display front-facing camera that we saw last summer. Either way, it’s the first company to pull it off – or at least tell everyone it’s pulled it off. How we’ll see that implemented is another matter entirely.[Ubergizmo]

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.