Wolf Puppies, Coke Energy And The Last Vestige Of Internet Explorer: Best Gizmodo Stories Of The Week

Clockwise from top left: Christina Hansen Wheat, Gizmodo, Alex Cranz and Alex Cranz. (Illustration: Various.)

To celebrate this three-day weekend, we’re going to share some pretty adorable news: Wolf puppies can play fetch. Isn’t that cool? Yes, I know, these are wolf puppies. They’re probably a lot more dangerous when they grow up when compared to normal puppies, but the idea of cute little wolf puppies playing fetch still makes me go “aww.”

(Although that doesn’t mean I’ll play fetch with them.)

Besides the wolf puppies, this week has been full of important and interesting stories at Gizmodo. Tinder made headlines this week because someone stole more than 70,000 photos of women on its platform and put them on an online cyber-crime forum. DoorDash also caught our eye when a study found that its contractors make approximately $US1.45 ($2) an hour

On a lighter note, we explained what Coke Energy tastes like and wondered if the rumours regarding Colin Trevorrow’s version of Star Wars: Episode IX were true. We also asked what every one of us with a bilingual or trilingual friend or colleague has wondered: Why are some people better at learning multiple languages than others? We have answers for you.

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