This Timeline Might Make Watching The Witcher A Little Easier

This Timeline Might Make Watching The Witcher A Little Easier
Some good witchy fightin’. (Image: Netflix)

A lot of things could be said about The Witcher. One of the most resounding things I’ve heard about it, however, is that it starts out really confusing, due to the surprising choice to split timelines during the first episodes of the show without really signposting this decision to the audience. The result of this being that past, present, and future are all kinda… mingled together.

If you still haven’t watched The Witcher, or just need some clarification, the people at might be just who you’re looking for. The witchin’ experts at this fan site have put together, for our persual, a detailed timeline of the show’s events that make it much easier to put everything that happened in order. Using the fall of Cintra as the organising event, the timeline organizes events by character and date, set alongside the major historical events of the Continent’s geopolitical landscape.

It would have been nice if this information was more clearly delineated in the show itself, but that’s what fandom is for: parsing lore and turning it into timelines. With the sheer density of lore that builds the world of The Witcher, it’s a welcome service.

The Witcher is on Netflix now. I hear Henry Cavill takes a nice bath.