The Samsung Galaxy S11 Has A Launch Date

The Samsung Galaxy S11 Has A Launch Date

Samsung has officially announced February 11 as the date for its Unpacked event, where it will unveil its new line of Galaxy S11 smartphones. It will take place in San Francisco at 11am PT, making it 6am AEDT on February 12 here at home.

After a leaked promo video revealing the date appeared on Twitter over the weekend, Samsung sent out official invitations on Sunday, mirroring the leak’s visuals and confirming the date.

The company is expected to reveal three different S11 models, along with a new foldable variant similar to Motorola’s upcoming Razr revival, which folds in half to form a square.

Last year, Samsung was among the first tech companies to unveil a smartphone with a foldable display, the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It had a rocky launch which garnered mixed reviews but was an exciting look at what a brand new form factor could offer.

“Is the Galaxy Fold perfect? No, far from it. But during the past month, it’s displayed massive potential, so for me, folding is believing,” Gizmodo’s Sam Rutherford said in his review of the device last year.

The Unpacked event is set to provide Samsung with a competitive edge in 2020, giving the company an opportunity to spruik its new tech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – the world’s biggest mobile trade show – from the 24th to the 27th of February.

The Galaxy maker has always preferred being quick on the draw, even if it doesn’t always pan out to be the best option. But hey, the approach still seems to be working considering it continues to have the largest smartphone market share globally.

Here’s hoping the kinks in its foldable displays have been ironed out, so to speak.