We Tested Tesla’s Fart Mode

We Tested Tesla’s Fart Mode
Image: Tegan Jones/Gizmodo Australia

Extremely serious Tesla CEO Elon Musk sure does love an Easter Egg.

If you delve into the various sections settings of a Tesla you’ll find a tonne of hidden goodies. Some add comfort, convenience and practicality to the luxury EV.

Others make you wonder what kind of cooked unit even thought to put something like this into a car. And then you remember it’s Elon.

Case in point, Tesla’s new ‘Emissions Testing’ functionality. Yeah, it’s a fart app.

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This was originally rolled out in December, but Musk didn’t really talk much about it until E3 in June this year.

As it turns out, there is a little more to it than just tapping the screen to make it fart. It’s actually quite extra.

You can find the fart app hidden in the Toy Box section of a Tesla’s signature dash screen. Unlike some of the other apps (such as games as Romance Mode), you can access it even when the car is in motion.

The app can be identified by the overt whoopie cushion in the centre. Once you open it, you’re given options regarding how toy can utilise this incredibly important functionality.

‘Ludicrous Fart’ was obligatory.

The car allows you to let one rip on demand, or you can program it to fart whenever you use the indicator.

You can also change the seat that the fart comes from, and doing so makes the noise fire from the closest speaker to that seat. For example, placing the digital whoopie cushion in the back left seat make the audio trigger from that side of the car.

If you thought that just one fart sample was utilised, you’d be extremely wrong. There are a surprising amount of options, most of which have been given names that relate to one of Musk’s various ventures or products.

They include:

  • Not a Fart
  • Short Shorts Ripped
  • Falcon Heavy
  • Ludicrous Fart
  • Neurastink
  • Boring Fart
  • I’m so random
‘Not A Fart’ sounds particularly wet.

I threw caution to the wind (heh) and opted for the ‘I’m so random’ option when it came to setting the indicator to fart mode. I then proceeded to drive with it on for forty-five minutes.

This was a mistake.

I’m not proud to admit just how amused I initially was. Having a car make a variety of gross noises while changing lanes certainly was giggle-inducing.

But the novelty wore off once I was stuck at various intersections in peak hour traffic. I had to switch it off before succumbing to a rage blackout.

But hey, I can’t deny that dumb features such as this helps achieve Musk’s aim of making Teslas the most fun cars ever. I hate how much I loved this… at least at first.

You can hear it in action here:

This article was originally published 28/6/19.