Teslas To Mouth Off At Pedestrians

Teslas can fart. They can set the mood for a hectic automotive bang fest. They can even change lanes autonomously.

And soon they’ll be able to give lip to people on the street.

CEO Elon Musk recently took to Twitter, as his personal brand demands, to reveal that Teslas will soon be able to talk to pedestrians.

As you’ll also notice, his current screen name is Buff Mage because sure, why not?

In the teased clip, Musk shows off a Model 3 with an automated voice saying “Well don’t just stand there staring. Hop in.”

Due to the canned clip, we’re unsure if owners will be able to provide their own soundbites – either recorded or in real time. However, Musk did post a follow up tweet that threatened to include Monty Python’s ‘fart in your general direction’ as an option. It’s unclear if this is a joke, but considering Tesla’s current fart indicator functionality, it probably isn’t.

The sounds seem to be running through external speakers, which will be a requirement in all electric cars sold in Europe by 2021. The reason for this is to protect pedestrians and cyclists who may be injured due to not hearing an electric vehicle (which tend to be rather quiet) coming their way.

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