Sony Has Decided We Need A New Anaconda Movie

Sony Has Decided We Need A New Anaconda Movie
Ice Cube, meet snake. (Image: Columbia Pictures)

For a while there, in the late ‘90s, it felt like we were all really afraid of snakes. The vanguard of that fear was Anaconda, one of the most-mocked and most-beloved garbage monster movies of the era. Starring Ice Cube, Jennifer Lopez, and Jon Voight, it was a delightful romp through the Amazon. Or, well, it was a delightful romp for the giant snake that ate everybody.

Now, it seems that the beast’s time has come ‘round again, as Hollywood Reporter tells us that a new Anaconda movie is in the works at Sony’s Columbia Pictures, where the first film was also produced. The take, a modern reboot of the series, has already brought on Evan Daugherty (Tomb Raider, Snow White and the Huntsman) to write the script, which is certainly a choice.

According to THR, the film will be a “reimagining”, with an approach similar to 2018’s The Meg, the Jason Statham vehicle that took a killer shark movie and made it much larger and dumber”a killer megalodon movie. (The Meg apparently made over half a billion dollars?)

That will make this film the sixth film in the Anaconda series, following a bevy of increasingly questionable low-budget sequels, the latest of which was Lake Placid vs. Anaconda, a crossover movie that aired on Syfy in 2015. So, if nothing else, this is probably going to be better than that.