Samsung’s Vertical TV Is Coming To Australia

Samsung’s Vertical TV Is Coming To Australia
Image: Samsung

For the past few years Samsung has been pushing its tech into the lifestyle space.A TV isn’t necessarily just a TV, it can also be used to add ambience to a room. Perhaps the most recognisable is The Frame – a TV that can be made to display works of art, complete with customisable digital frames. But there’s more.

The most unique addition to the family in 2019 was The Sero – a tellie that can pivoted to be be viewed vertically. Seems like a weird flex, but it’s apparently been doing well enough in South Korea to come to Australia.

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‘Sero’ literally means ‘vertical’ in Korean and the new TV is being aimed at Millennials and Gen Z customers who want the option to view content in a way that is reminiscent of a mobile device.

The Sero is designed for screen mirroring, so a phone or tablet can be displayed on the larger screen. This means you can absolutely use it to scroll through Instagram stories and TikTok in the way they were intended.

However, the TV is capable of properly displaying screen mirrored content in a convenient way even in landscape mode.

When it comes to the specs you’re looking at a 43-inch display with a built in stand to accompany the 360 degree design.

It has a quantum dot diode screen that allowed for animated screensavers, as well as NFC connectivity, a 4.1-channel 60-watt speaker, built-in microphone and Bixby integration.

“Consumers today expect TVs that can fully integrate into their individual lifestyles and Samsung is redefining the role of the screen creating delivering new digital services and creating new designs to enhance your life” said Grace Dolan, Vice President of Marketing Communication at Samsung Electronics America.

The Sero is part of Samsung’s 2020 TV line up for Australia. We don’t have a hard release date or price as yet. However, the 43-inch version originally retailed in South Korea for 1.89m KRW, which is about $2,300. Once you add Australia tax, expect it to be a bit higher.

The author travelled to CES 2020 on a scholarship from the Consumer Technology Association.