Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2 Has Yet Another Possible Name

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2 Has Yet Another Possible Name

Rumours abound about Samsung’s new name for the Galaxy Fold 2 and a new contender has appeared.

Last we heard, the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 had dropped the sequential numbering system in favour of something a bit more flowery. Word on the street as that the Korean tech giant had revealed the foldable device’s new name at a secret meeting at CES 2020, dubbing it the Galaxy Bloom. The aesthetic of the handset was said to have drawn its inspiration from Lancôme’s clamshell powder compacts, of all things, and the smartphone’s demographic was reported to be young women.

But put a pin in that for now, because prolific leaker Ice Universe seems to be of the opinion that the follow up to the Galaxy Fold will actually be called the Galaxy Z Flip. The current theory behind the name is that it’s because the phone folds along the z-axis. Z flip. Get it? Plain old folding just isn’t cutting the mustard anymore.

While the name of the Galaxy Fold’s successor is still anyone’s guess, what would’ve been the S11 series has been re-branded with Samsung jumping all the way to S20 to line up with the new decade. Because that will make everyone buy more. Or remember the name more. Just don’t ask questions, alright! [Engadget]

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