Samsung Reveals Bezel-Free 8K TV A Little Early

Samsung Reveals Bezel-Free 8K TV A Little Early
Image: Samsung

CES hasn’t even kicked off properly yet, but the announcements are already rolling in.

In fact, a huge Samsung 8K reveal has gone live hours before its official unveiling in Las Vegas.

Much like CEs 2019, this years TVs are going to be all about 8K. Samsung is a major player in this space and thanks to its Korean newsroom, we now know it will be showing off an ‘infinity display’ 8K television.

The new tellie is called the Q950TS and the display has a 99 per cent screen-to-body ratio. It does technically have a bezel, but it comes in at just 2.3mm.

It looks absolutely stunning, but Samsung may have issues moving it thanks to this form fact being exclusive to 8K. At the moment there will be no 4K equivalent.

This may be problematic due to pricing. There is no price or release date attached to the the Q950TS as yet, but considering how expensive 8K has been across the board so far, expect this to follow suit.

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It’s partially thanks to the price tag that Samsung is so strongly highlighting the other features of its new offering.

The FALD backlight has boosted its brightness by 20 per cent and is said to have a better control over blooming. Viewing angles are also said to be improved compared to the 2019 flagships.

A sound feature called Object Tracking Sound Plus (OTS+) will also apparently be able to track moving objects on the screen and realistically move the sound with it across the TV’s speakers. This is said to result in something that is reminiscent of 5.1 surround sound.

And while we’re on sound, Q-symphony functionality will simultaneously utilise the TV speakers and sound bar to optimise audio performance.

In addition to the regular smart assistance compatibility (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Bixby), the TV will also have a Digital Butler that will be able to control Wi-Fi and bluetooth gadgets. The company has also claimed that it will also be able to do the same with devices that aren’t connected to the internet. There aren’t any details regarding how this works yet, but we’ll be asking questions during the press conference.

The company is also continuing the AI upscaling narrative that it (and every other 8K manufacturer) has been pushing over the last few years. This is due to the distinct lack of 8K content available, so there needs to be a reason to actually buy one.

AI upscaling basically means that even lower grade content (4K, HD, 1080p, etc) will still look good on an 8K TV.

As we discovered last year, Samsung’s processors are pretty good at this, so we have high hopes for that to continue in the Q950TS.

While we don’t know when this bad boy will hit Australia, we’ll let you know once we have some other important details – like how big this thing actually is.

[Samsung Newsroom]

The author travelled to CES 2020 on a scholarship from the Consumer Technology Association.

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