Motorola Is Cutting Samsung’s Grass

Motorola Is Cutting Samsung’s Grass

If Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Lite doesn’t light your fire, perhaps an even cheaper Motorola stylus-based handset will. Leaks suggest Motorola’s next G series phone will go all-in on the stylus, but also bring multi-cameras and hefty battery support too.

Motorola’s been busy diversifying its product range of late. While in Australia it’s best known as a budget phone brand, in recent times we’ve seen everything from the more conceptual Moto One line of phones through to the company’s first (but probably not entirely affordable) foldable RAZR phone.

So what’s next for the Lenovo-owned phone maker?

It appears that its next target is Samsung’s virtual lock on the stylus-included smartphone market, with a range of leaks as reported by 91Mobiles pointing to the existence of the Motorola Moto G Stylus.

Motorola certainly doesn’t do subtle when it comes to brand names, but it makes it very easy for consumers to see why they might or might not want a particular phone.

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Not that the stylus is the only reason you might want Motorola’s new phone. It’s reportedly going to be packing a screen of around 6.3 inches with a punch hole style camera in the top left corner.

At the back it appears that a fingerprint sensor lurks on the classic Motorola “Batwing” logo, as most of its phones do, as well as a multi-camera array purported to include a 48MP primary and 117 degree wide angle lens. It’s likely to run on a Snapdragon 6 series processor, keeping in line with the G series general mid-range aspirations. Battery capacity is purportedly 4,000mAh, and the phone is said to be running on Android 10.

Geekbench benchmarks for a model identifying itself as the moto g8 stylus suggest absolute mid-range performance, as well as 4GB of onboard RAM. There’s no word as yet as to whether Motorola’s making space for the stylus within the Moto G8 Stylus’ body as Samsung does with its Note lines, or if you’ll just need to carry it as an accessory.

Motorola is widely expected to announce a whole slew of new phones at Mobile Word Congress Barcelona at the end of the month, and the Moto G8 Stylus may just be one phone amongst many to debut there.