Jeep Will Show Off Three Plug-In Hybrid Models At CES With A New 4xe Badge

Jeep Will Show Off Three Plug-In Hybrid Models At CES With A New 4xe Badge

Jeep has already made a commitment to offer electrification options for all of its models, including a series of on-road focused models. The brand has not exactly been on the electrification end of the spectrum lately, but FCA is in serious trouble if it can’t bring down its corporate emissions numbers, so it is going to tackle the worst of the bunch first, I guess.

To that end, Jeep will introduce plug-in hybrid versions of the Wrangler, Compass, and Renegade at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. All of Jeeps future electrified models will feature a bright blue 4xe badge, presumably pronounced as ‘four by e’ which, for the record, I do not like. Then again, would a badge saying 4ybrid be any better? No.

I’m a big fan of hybrids, and I can only imagine how adding a boost of low-down electric torque would assist when it comes to scrabbling up the face of a rock on the Rubicon.

No specs have been released on these hybrid models, but I’d expect them all to use a similar motor and battery pack setup. It’s unlikely these models will be imbued with long EV-only ranges or equipped with particularly large and powerful motors. We’ll see exactly what the spec sheets look like after the new models bow at CES this week.

I’d love to see Jeep go farther with its electrified future, and hope to soon see a full BEV from America’s original SUV maker.