The Internet Reacts To The ‘Lady Drawer’ Phenomenon

The Internet Reacts To The ‘Lady Drawer’ Phenomenon
Image: @DaddyAllDay

When Twitter user @DaddyAllDay revealed that he keeps a dresser drawer filled with items for the ‘frequent’ lady guests he encounters, he no doubt had little clue of the internet storm that he’d unleash. The ‘lady drawer’ concept has become an absolute phenomenon, with Twitter users (and our own Gizmodo Australia office) coming out in force to describe their own wild and wonderful ‘lady drawers’. Here are a few of our absolute favourites.

For context, the original ‘lady drawer’ contained the following items:

As you can see, it includes practical items like makeup wipes, pads and what appears to be nail polish remover. But it also contains a pink dildo (possibly communal?), and a pregnancy test (useless). This lad is clearly planning on getting busy, but doesn’t appear to know anything about what a woman really wants.

See, what a ‘lady drawer’ should really contain is ducks.

Or a whole lot of pussy.

Maybe some healthy vegetables? We hear they make bodily fluids taste better.

And if your lady is a total disaster, she might prefer some pasta and sauce.

Twitter user @DaddyAllDay clearly has much to learn here, because every lady drawer should contain at least one Gremlin.

A ‘thanks for all the orgasms’ charm might even be in order — but since @DaddyAllDay appears to need the aid of a dildo to make a woman climax, it might not be in order here.

Alternatively: plant.

Also, fish.

What is in the Gizmodo Australia office’s lady drawers?

“Bees.” – Leah Williams (Producer/Writer, Gizmodo, Kotaku & Lifehacker Australia).

“My drawer is just the weapons cache from Terminator 2.” – Tegan Jones (Editor, Gizmodo Australia).

“I prefer the pasta drawer.” – Elise Stitt (Technology Manager, Pedestrian Group).

“I, for one, will not be putting anything in my lady drawer.” – Steph Panecasio (Native Content Writer, Pedestrian Group).

“Adobo salt. You never know when you need some spice in your life.” – Sarah Basford (Writer, Gizmodo, Kotaku & Lifehacker Australia).

God bless the internet.