Intel’s New Lakefield Processor Benchmarks Have Leaked

Intel’s New Lakefield Processor Benchmarks Have Leaked
Image: Intel

Intel typically likes to keep the precise details of its upcoming processors as quiet as possible; while there’s an undeniable hype cycle in play, it doesn’t want to give competitor AMD any particular ideas as to where it’s heading.

Of course, that doesn’t always go to plan, with benchmarks for its upcoming Core i5-L16G7 “Lakefield” processor appearing overnight.

As reported by Liliputing, and as spotted by Twitter user @TUM_APISAK, there’s some interesting details around the processor spotted in an upcoming Samsung Galaxy Book S variant:

The Core i5-L16G7 isn’t one that Intel itself has announced, but based on what we already know, it’s likely to feature a 5-core system with a high-performance “Sunny Cove” processor, similar or identical to those in the existing 10th Gen Ice Lake silicon. It’ll be joined by 4 more highly optimised efficiency cores based around the Tremont architecture designed for more low power systems.

The Userbench scores point to a 1.4GHz single core capable of turbo boost speeds up to 1.75GHz, but it’s not apparent if that’s the single high performance core, a combination of the efficiency cores or a mix of the above. Based on the incomplete Userbench analysis, it’s not looking to be a notably powerful system, but then that’s not where Lakefield will be pitched.

Instead, it’ll be used in the latest generation of ultralight, ultra thin laptops with a focus on productivity and battery life, which would match well with the Galaxy Book S model that the Core i5-L16G7 appears to be sitting in.

It’s also expected that Microsoft’s interesting new Surface Neo will run on a Lakefield chip of some type as well. The battery requirements of this kind of dual display laptop would match well with Lakefield’s presumed battery efficiency nicely.