I’ll Just Type That Up On My Invisible Samsung Keyboard

I’ll Just Type That Up On My Invisible Samsung Keyboard

As it does every year, CES is bringing tons of weird and wonderful inventions from all over the world into the spotlight, from sex toys to robots to invisible keyboards. That’s right, invisible keyboards.

The SelfieType was birthed by Samsung’s C-Lab program and uses a tablet or phone’s front-facing camera and AI to track your finger movements so that you can basically type away on a keyboard that doesn’t exist.

The company is currently showing off the tech at CES, but an unlisted YouTube video is currently doing the rounds so you can actually see it in action for yourself. Check it out below.

My immediate thought is that this will be easy enough for those who are good with touch-typing and an absolute pain in the ass for just about everyone else. Hell, even I have to have a glance at my keyboard from time to time to kick off a typing session in the right spot and I write for a living. I have a feeling I'd be awful with SelfieType.

As The Verge points out, this kind of tracking can also be pretty finicky, not to mention you'd probably need to keep your hands in the one place for it to work correctly, which is actually harder than you think.

All of that being said, the demo video does make it look quite smooth and responsive, so it'll be interesting to see what people think after they've had a go of the real deal on the ground.

I'd wager it's a little while off any kind of release just yet, but it's certainly the best alternative to any kind of projector-based keyboard we've seen so far, particularly because it doesn't require any extra pieces of hardware to operate.

Either way, it's another step towards phones becoming an alternative to working from laptops or even tablets, which means less tech to lug around on the go.