Huawei’s New And Improved Mate Xs Reported To Launch In March

Huawei’s New And Improved Mate Xs Reported To Launch In March
Bendy Mate X. Image: Tegan Jones/Gizmodo Australia

After the launch of its first foldable phone in China last year, Huawei is already prepping to release an improved follow-up with the Mate Xs, which could be hitting the market in a couple of months.

The Mate X has been available in China since October and is selling really well according to Huawei, who says it’s shifting 100,000 units every month. Its successor, the Mate Xs, was announced the same month, offering some improvements on the existing foldable handset. Such bolstered specs include a jump from the Kirin 980 chipset to the 990, a better hinge design, and more durable folding screen.

The smartphone is rumoured to be unveiled at an Huawei event in March, after MWC 2020, and could be cheaper than the Mate X given that the upgraded screen is said to be easier to manufacture. Although how much cheaper than the £2,000 ($3,790) Mate X it’ll actually be remains to be seen. Presumably the savings will be passed on to customers, but that’s not a guarantee.

There’s also speculation that a second foldable phone will be announced with a launch window in the latter half of 2020. But as always, we’ll have to wait for official word or more titbits that will inevitably be on the way. [Pocket-lint]

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.