Huawei Mate X Is Having Some Serious Screen Problems

Huawei Mate X Is Having Some Serious Screen Problems

Huawei is reportedly gearing up to launch a new and improved foldable phone, and it’s a bloody good job because the current one is seemingly a pile of shit.

That’s according to a series of videos from YouTuber Fold Universe who’s gathered together the worst offenders that all show the screen being absolutely buggered. Here they all are in a handy playlist, but you can also check one of them out below. The videos were uploaded between November last year, and this month.

Huawei released the Mate X in China last October and has reported strong sales – shipping 100,000 units every month. The launch was initially set for June, but was pushed back in the wake of Samsung’s myriad of problems with its own Galaxy Fold display and hinge problems. However, it appears that those extra few months have done little in the way of ironing out kinks.

The handset retails for 16,999 yuan ($3,600) so it’s going to a pretty sizeable pain in the arse to be lumped with a faulty screen, and with the cost of repair reported to be around $1,400, the price you’ll have to pay for the luxury of being an early adopter is, frankly, obscene.

But not to worry! There’s an improved, more durable version on the way with the Mate Xs, rumoured for a March launch, so unhappy customers can soon splash out all over again on tech that seems to be riddled with issues. [SlashGear]

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.