Google Home Loses Guest Mode, And It Looks Like It’s Gone For Good

The ability to cast content to Google Home speakers just by using your buddy’s PIN number has been ditched.

Guest Mode is a feature that lets your guests play content on your smart speaker and Chromecast devices without having them log onto your Wi-Fi network, and now it’s been unceremoniously removed from Google Home and Nest speakers.

The feature itself was an odd one – after all, if you’ve got people in your home that you don’t trust to be on your WiFi network, you’ve probably got bigger problems to be dealing with. You probably don’t want them booting up their personal playlist either if that’s the case, but if you’re a regular user of Guest Mode, than it’s tough beans for you.

It’s still available on Chromecast devices for now, and while there hasn’t been official confirmation, it was definitely a planned update, with Google removing the set up support page for speakers on its site. We’ll have to see if Google disables it on Chromecast devices or if the smart speakers were the only casualty. [SlashGear]

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.