Optus Powered Telco Flogs 40GB For $28 A Month (Or 60GB For $38 If You’re Feeling Fancy)

The telco with the worst name but best deals is back again. This time around Circles.Life is peddling two new SIM-only phone plans, and they’re damn cheap.

If you sign up before February 28 you can get yourself 40GB of data a month for a mere $28. Or if you like to live dangerously, you can bump that up to 60GB a month for just $38.

Both plans are basically offering customers a bonus 20GB a month of data for the first 12 months. After that point the plans will revert to 20GB a month for $28 and 40GB a month for $38. The good news is that they don’t have contracts, so you can always cancel once a year is up.

As with all Circles.Life plans they include 3GB of bill shock data, which means there’s a buffer if you go a bit over your data allowance. It also kicks in automatically and for free.

If you still manage to surpass that you have the option of purchasing extra data packs.

40GB plan

60GB plan

If you’re keen on either of these plans you just need to sign up before February 28 and use the promo code 40FOR28.

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