CES 2020: Japanese Company Has Created A Harness That Tells You What Mood Your Dog Is In

CES 2020: Japanese Company Has Created A Harness That Tells You What Mood Your Dog Is In

Japanese innovation company Langualess has created something that’s equally brilliant yet ridiculous: a harness with a colour-changing panel that illustrates how your dog is feeling. The colour of the panel will let you know whether Fido is is happy, relaxed, stressed, interested or excited. Of course, if you’ve ever met a dog you’ll realise that these moods are pretty easily spotted in a dog thanks to an existing device already built into our canine critters: their damn tail.

Dog’s tail wagging? He’s happy. Wagging fast and he’s also jumping around a lot? Good chance he’s excited. Tail stiff and pointed towards the floor? He’s unhappy. Of all the animals in the world, dogs are some of the easiest to read: if their tails don’t give their mood away, their facial expressions or body language certainly will. You don’t have to have the intuition of Derren Brown to read how they’re feeling.

But in case you somehow don’t trust your dog’s own body language to convey their emotions , Langualess’ Inupathy harness will double down. It’s a small, light harness that sits around your dog’s body and relies on heartrate readings to assess how your furry friend is feeling. Here’s a short video featuring an inexplicably miserable little girl and a very happy/relaxed/interested dog showing the thing off:

Of course, like any technological device these days, the Inupathy comes with its own app so you can track doggo’s emotions over time. It’s also available in a number of sizes and colours, so no matter how big or small your dog is, there’ll be a harness to fit – and a colour to complement their fur.

Langualess Inupathy is available to buy for 29,800 yen (around $396), although it doesn’t look like it ships outside of Japan just yet. In the meantime I guess you’ll have to settle for seeing how your dog feels in the old-fashioned way.

I wonder if it works on cats… [TrustedReviews]

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