Aussies Are Smashing Mobile Downloads, So Here’s The Best Big Data Plans You Can Get

Aussies Are Smashing Mobile Downloads, So Here’s The Best Big Data Plans You Can Get
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According to the ACCC, Australians are downloading more than ever. This unsurprising fact comes from the newly released Communications Markets Report for 2018-2019 which found a 47% growth in data downloads from 2018 to 2019 across mobile and fixed line services.

The report also says that there was a 65% increase in mobile data allowances from 2018 to 2019, while prices dropped by 6.6%. In short, big data mobile plans are more popular, more affordable, and more essential than ever. If you’re still stuck on a plan with a paltry data limit, here’s a look at few of our favourite big data SIM-only plans available right now.

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Sign-up to Optus MVNO Circles.Life using the promo code 40FOR20 before February 28 and you can nab yourself 40GB for $28 per month. That’s a whole lot of data for not a lot of money. There is one slight catch to be aware of: you’ll only get 40GB for your first 12 months with Circles – you’ll be booted down to a 20GB allowance thereafter. Circles’ plans are all contract-free however, so you can always leave whenever you want, for whatever reason.


Fellow Optus MVNO amaysim has a similar plan: a $30 recharge gets you a 40GB plan, up from the standard 30GB you’d normally get. Unlike Circles, with this offer your bonus data lasts for the life of your plan. amaysim recharges have a 28-day expiry however, which means recharging 13 times per year, rather than 12.

Woolworths Mobile

You probably don’t think of Woolworths when it comes to phone plans, but the fresh food people’s telco branch has some pretty solid deals for plans on the Telstra network. Right now, $30 per month will get you a 20GB plan, with a bonus 10GB of data added to your data bank every three months. You will have to sign a 12-month contract to get this plan, however.


Telstra’s budget brand Belong tends to undercut its mainline offers in a pretty big way. For example, $40 per month gets you 40GB on a no-contract Belong plan, whereas you’d pay $49 per month for a 15GB SIM-only plan on Telstra proper.

Belong’s “Diet Telstra” plans all come with data rollover, which means you can save any unused data for later. If you manage to save up a bunch of data and want a cheaper monthly bill, you can always drop down to Belong’s $10 plan until you burn through whatever is in your data bank.

Moose Mobile

If you’re after yet even more data, the Optus-powered provider with the cutest name – Moose Mobile – is offering 80GB for $49 per month. The one catch is you’ll need to sign a 12-month contract to get in on this plan.

SIM-only plans with at least 30GB

And if none of the above seem right for you, here’s a look at a whole bunch of plans with at least 30GB per month.

Plans with a new phone and at least 60GB

Still not enough to tempt you? Here’s some with at least 60Gb of data a month.

Or if you’re after a new phone, above are plans for the iPhone 11 Pro, Pixel 4 XL, and Galaxy S10 with at least 60GB on a 24-month repayment.

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