Avengers: Infinity War Gives Us A Better Captain America Figure, And Marvellous Toys Of The Week

Avengers: Infinity War Gives Us A Better Captain America Figure, And Marvellous Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round up of the coolest bits of incredibly expensive plastic playthings we’ve seen around the internet. This week: Hot Toys gets fiery, Hasbro rolls out the Romanoffs, and America’s Arse is joined by America’s beard, to match. Check it out!

Hot Toys The Mandalorian Incinerator Stormtrooper Sixth-Scale Figure

Yeah, sure, he got his arse Force-handed to him by Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian’s season finale. But you think a little fact like that is going to stop Hot Toys from seeing a new variant of the Stormtrooper on screen and firing up their action figure molds with glee?

Absolutely not.

Which is fine by us, because at least in terms of variants on a design Hot Toys has practically perfected over dozens of different takes at this point, the Incinerator Stormtrooper stands out beyond most Stormies to make it worth ogling another faceless servant of the Empire.

Aside from the obvious new colour scheme, and the mandatory cavalcade of extra hands to pose him with, the Incinerator Stromtrooper also comes with his fearsome flamethrower, which itself can be posed with or without a very nice-looking flame-thruster FX piece to make it look like he’s about to light some bounty hunters and/or little green babies all the way up.

The Incinerator Stormtrooper will start shipping by early next year. Now, Hot Toys, when we gonna get that properly-scaled Baby Yoda? [Hot Toys]

Bandai America Pac-Man Tamagotchi

Pac-Man turns 40 years old in 2020, which means that throughout the coming year we’re going to see a bunch of collaborations with the yellow chomping dot who’s never satiated. First up is Bandai America, which has partnered Pac-Man with a Tamagotchi.

The virtual pet experience is still exactly as you remember it. You’ll need to nurture and care for your pixelated pal as it grows from an egg to an adult, but now Pac-Man will join you as a sort of digital au pair, protecting your Tamagotchi from ghosts and bugs, and sharing treats like power-up cherries.

It will be available starting on March 15, but can be pre-ordered now for about $30, or $37 with a Pac-Man silicone case.

MAFEX Avengers: Infinity War Captain America

Yes, Endgame has come and gone, so getting Infinity War merchandise in the year of our lord 2020 might feel a little weird. But, in a perhaps controversial statement, we’re fine with this—because it’s Captain America, and this Captain America, unlike that arse-entranced charlatan in Endgame, has a prize-winning beard. And Medicom’s latest captures it rather perfectly.

It comes with a bunch of fun accessories too, like Corvus Glaive’s, uh, glaive, and the Wakandan gauntlets gifted to Steve by Black Panther to fight off Thanos’ armies. He even has Proxima Midnight’s staff, to replicate the moment he catches it in his grand entrance to save Scarlet Witch and the Vision, and an alternate grimacing face to pose him struggling against Thanos’ wroth. But really, it’s the beard that’s important…to us, at least. Infinity War MAFEX Cap will set you back roughly $105 when he releases in Japan this October. [Toyark]

Diamond Select Toys TRON Figures

TRON remains one of the most unique and cutting-edge movies to ever come out of Disney, and the toys based on the film we deserved 38 years ago are finally en route. Diamond Select Toys has shared images of the new deluxe versions of its TRON collection, featuring more accessories than the versions that have been available in stores like Walgreens since last September. A new Red Infiltrator Flynn (exclusive to comic shops), Tron, and Sark now include additional identify discs with translucent streaky tails, as well as additional sets of hands in varying poses that can be swapped out.

Marvel Legends Black Widow and Deadly Origins Widow

Yes, we’re getting Marvel Legends figures from the upcoming Black Widow movie. But why do that when you could also help yourself to some comics-inspired looks to celebrate? As exclusives to Walmart and Best Buy, Hasbro has unveiled two new Black Widow figures inspired by Natasha’s long comics history. At Walmart you’ll be able to get the grey-suited, short-haired iteration, which comes with alternate hands and even spare Widows’ Bite gauntlets with FX pieces that can replicate them either firing or smoking from being fired, which is needlessly fancy but still a fun feature!

Meanwhile Best Buy in the U.S. is getting the Deadly Origins white suit, the direct inspiration for one of Natasha’s looks in the upcoming movie. (This figure may not land in Australia.) That figure may not have alternate hands, but it makes up for it with actual firearms for Natasha to use, including a pistol (silenced and unsilenced) and a sniper rifle. But she also gets the bonus FX pieces to attach to presumably either the Widows’ Bites or her firearms, to boot. Both figures are due to release this March for the movie, and will set you back $30 apiece.